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Machine Learning

Hardware Development

We are RubenSystems. A technology company based in London - we develop and make digital products.

RubenSystems creates mobile and web applications, machine learning models and hardware products. We dismiss unnecessary convention and focus on the product.

We believe that no product is finished until it no longer requires human intervention. That is why automation is one of our core beliefs. All of our software is developed and shipped with the latest machine learning algorithms, cloud-based compute systems and offline capabilities to ensure brilliant user experience.



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Agile - Next generation cameras

By using the latest technology, we have developed a smart security service free from subscriptions and other costs. This is supported by our free companion app, and with the help of Aspect algorithms, we were able to create high accuracy person detection which uses only minimal processor allowance.

Machine Learning

News based machine learning algorithms by Aspect

Aspect, a RubenSystems company, develops machine learning models for other RubenSystems projects. Aspect has been developing news-based algorithms for classification of articles into discrete categories, clustering articles to find related news and summarizing the news for a quicker experience.


At RubenSystems, we love hardware. We have developed cloud-connected products for the home such as smart home screens and security cameras. We develop custom software to run on these devices with processor usage in mind. By streamlining the software and performing processor-intensive operations on the cloud, we bring the latest machine learning features, such as person detection, natural language processing and sequence-to-sequence learning to small computers.


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