Fast Efficient

RubenSystems is a London based cutting edge technology research company.

We specalise in developing new database engines, artificial intelligence, facial recognition and real-time computer networking technologies


Find what you're looking for... Faster

RSiDX is an ultra high-speed indexing engine designed to work with large databases. RSiDX can be used for semantic search, reverse image search, document deduplication, large-scale facial recognition, and recommendation. RSiDX comes as a single API which is easy to integrate into an existing codebase


Stay connected
in real time

RSrtIC allows devices communicate in real time over the Internet. This can be used for voice and video calls, stock quotes, autocmoplete results and real-time security monitoring


The right way to
create websites

RSwCF is a declaritive framework for the creation of websites. It provides a set of tools and libraries that enable developers to easily create and maintain complex web applications


Redefining high power

RSsRV provides ultra-efficient computing on bare metal hardware owned and operated by RubenSystems. RSiaN, our custom index and network servers, power RSiDX using high-frequency ARM processors

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