A static web generator written in and for C++.

CarbonION is a web generation framework that spans from the generation of websites to the creation of a webserver. Previously we would use Node, Express, Handlebars (mostly HTML) and CSS to create websites. This process was inefficient and time-consuming. CarbonION is a newer framework that can either statically generate sites using a declarative library of reusable C++ components (similar to the syntax of SwiftUI) and then run a webserver we call nanotube.

C++ is not a very friendly language, many developers will note that Python and Node boast far more libraries to help with the creation process of websites and apps. The primary reason for the development of CarbonION is to complement our database system, Graphite. It has direct bindings to the database and thus can go from request to response in nanosecond speed. We also created a way to communicate with python libraries for ease of use.


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