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How we protect your privacy

News outlets operate on a very tight budget. As more outlets switch from paper to digital, ad revenue is significantly decreasing. To make money, news companies sell your data to hundreds of third-party collection agencies, making the retrieval of your data even more difficult. To see where your data is being sold and the privacy policies, look at the "Vendors" section of the cookie policy.

It is unreasonable to ask users to read all these privacy policies. To help users, we developed Reader to protect your privacy. All requests are sent through our servers, not your device. The third-party data collection agencies will not be able to track your movements through the internet (unless, of course, users choose to open the site on a web view). Nobody tracks what articles users see or even open. Not even us. We don't even keep a log of your reading history.

We also only use Sign in with Apple. We know that users trust this interface and it provides an easy and simple way to create an account.

RubenSystems also developed the Privacy Center, a place in all of our products where you can control your data. Read more about the privacy centre on Blog/tag/privacy

If you would like to know more about how we are protecting your privacy, dm us on twitter @headlinestd. We would be happy to answer your questions.


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