Headlines Today

A new way to read the news

Headlines Today makes reading the news easier and quicker, while also making sure that you stay informed on all the major topics. It provides easy to read, articles that you can swipe through, and if you are interested you can read the whole story.

Whats new in

Version 2

All your sources, exactly where you want them

You can choose which sources appear on first launch, meaning that the experience is more tailored to you.

Follow new sources. anytime, anywhere.

You can always change which sources appear on the news stack, so you never feel limited to the sources you have already chosen. We have provided a large range of sources, from science to entertainment.

All your information synced across all your devices.

You can now sign up with a Ubiquitous account, which works across all RubenSystems products, so you only ever have to sign up once.

And much more

Available on the App Store© for free

Go check us out on the App Store©, search HeadlinesToday. The app and any of the sources are all free.