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Headlines Today gets all the latest news from all the best sources and displays them as they happen1, so you are always up to date. Using machine learning, we can show articles that matter to you and also remove clickbait and other articles that do not meet our standard of quality2.

In-depth reports to quick updates.

Headlines Today serves thousands of articles from a wide variety of sources. We serve news from the best magazines like TIME, The Atlantic, The New Yorker and The Economist. Tech publications like The Verge and WIRED. Entertainment from BuzzFeed and so much more.

Easily find what you want to read.

With a personalised feed, you can discover more of what you love. By swiping through the articles instead of scrolling, you have the opportunity to absorb more headlines, and you can always open the article if you are interested.

An easy read.

Headlines Today removes any non-essential elements from a web page so you can read the news with no distractions. By removing paywalls, popovers, banners, overlays, sticky windows and so many more distracting components that advertisers have come up with, you can finally read in peace3.

Save it for later.

Save articles to read offline or online, so if you are too busy, you can still read the articles that mean the most to you. Articles are saved with images in a compressed format so your device's storage is never overloaded.

Privacy, it matters.

At RubenSystems, we believe privacy is vital. Headlines Today will never collect non-essential information about you. Your passwords are scrambled using the latest encryption algorithms. We do not store your reading history. Read more in our privacy policy.